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As a resident of the Bay Area since 1983, Cheryl E. Johnson is a courageous, energetic, experienced and authentic leader.  With over 35 years of experience in real estate, government, tax and legislative activities, she is devoted to serving the people of Galveston County.
A fiscal conservative advocating lower taxes and smaller, more efficient government, she has been an advocate for taxpayers since 1994 when she served on the Clear Creek Independent School District Board of Trustees.  Elected Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector in 2004, she was the first Republican woman elected to a countywide seat, and in 2008 became the highest ‘vote getter’ in a contested race in Galveston County history, a title she has maintained through the 2012 and 2016 uncontested elections.
Johnson has served as Galveston County “Cut Tax” Assessor/Collector with passion and commitment, participating in efforts to bring about meaningful property tax relief over the last 22 years. She stood beside Americans for Prosperity Texas Director, Peggy Venable, in opposition to taxpayer funded lobbying that involved the powerful, nearly untouchable Texas Association of Counties as well as worked to change many Texas laws that benefit Texas property owners and voters.
After Hurricane Ike wreaked havoc across Galveston County in September 2008, with two of her offices heavily damaged and many staff living in temporary quarters, Cheryl directed her energies on correcting deficiencies in laws that slowed recovery and harmed citizens after a disaster such as Ike. Her successes in Austin caught the eye of many State leaders and in 2009, Governor Perry appointed her as the tax assessor collector representative on the nearly created Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board where she served as Vice Chair in 2010 and 2011.
Whether testifying on transportation, election, or tax legislation at the State Capitol or entertaining groups at local events, Cheryl E. Johnson has continued to prove her commitment to smaller, smarter government and representing the best interests of Galveston County and Texas taxpayers. An uncompromising leader, she is a dedicated public servant who has – and will continue to – stand boldly on conservative values, always focused on doing what is right.
She has never wavered in her commitment to increase service, reduce cost and fight for property tax relief as leader of the Galveston County Tax Office and that is clearly evidenced in the office motto, “The race for quality has no finish line.”
1993 Founder and Member, Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility in Education
1994 Appointee, State Senator J. E. Brown’s Advisory Committee on Education
1994 Director, Clear Creek Education Foundation
1994 – 1999 Board of Trustees, Clear Creek Independent School District (Secretary 1995, President 1996, 1997).
1996 Statewide Legislative Advisory Council for the Texas Association of School Boards
1996 Member, Federal Relationship Network of the National Association of School Boards
1997 – 1999 Member, Board of Directors, Galveston Central Appraisal District (2 years Chair)
2000 Appointee, Galveston County Indigent Health Care Task Force
2005 to Present Ex-Officio Member, Board of Directors, Galveston Central Appraisal District
2007 to Present Legislative, By-Laws, Education and Security Committees, Tax Assessor Collectors Assoc. of TX
2009 to 2013  Board Member, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board (Vice Chair 2009-2011)

Americans For Prosperity Texas
Bay Area Pachyderm
Clear Lake TEA Party
CLOUT (Citizens Lowering Our Unfair Taxes)
Galveston Association of Realtors
Galveston County TEA Party
Galveston Island Propeller Club
Heritage Foundation
Lighthouse Charity Team
National Rifle Association
Tax Assessor Collectors Association of Texas
Texas Association of Assessing Officers
Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
Various Chambers of Commerce
Various Republican Women’s Clubs