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 Cheryl  E. Johnson, PCC

Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector
Motto of the Galveston County Tax Office:  The race for quality has no finish line!

 Welcome to the Galveston County Tax Office!  Our mission is to provide exemplary service in a cost efficient manner to all customers.  Since 2005, our team has been dedicated to serving the public and governmental entities with enthusiasm and excellence.  We will continue to focus on improving accountability, the quality of services and aggressively seek ways to lower cost.  We are working smarter and delivering more to you!

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Mission of the Galveston County Tax Office:  To provide exemplary service to all customers!
Customer Service Commandments 
  1.  The customer is never an interruption to our work...the customer IS our work!
  2.   Brighten every customer’s day, greet everyone with a smile.
  3.   Whenever possible, acknowledge customers by name.
  4.   Project professionalism, courtesy and dignity to everyone.
  5.   State things in a positive way.
  6.   NEVER argue with a customer.
  7.   Always go the extra mile to provide assistance.
  8.   Never say, “I don’t know” without saying,  but I would be more than
           happy to find out!
  9.   Never blame someone else.
  10.   Never forget that the customer pays our salary.
  11.   Be remarkable!
                                 Hot Topics
Temporary Disaster Exemption Application

On February 12, 2021, Governor Abbott issued a disaster declaration in response to an imminent threat of severe winter weather.  The prolonged freezing temperatures that followed, combined with lack of electrical power, resulted in an estimated 50 deaths and $125B in property damage across the State.
Texas appraisal districts determine the market value of property as of the January 1st condition.  Therefore, for those suffering damage, a temporary disaster exemption must be applied for no later than 105 days from the date of the declaration or, in the case of the recent winter storm, no later than May 28th.  The exemption applies to all real property types and business personal property (rendition must be filed in 2021).  Damage must be at least 15% of the market value of the improvement value and may be as high as 100% if the damage caused a total loss meaning repair is not feasible (see levels below).
The chief appraiser will determine whether the property qualifies for the exemption and will assign a damage assessment rating based on the information provided by the owner.  Supporting information includes any documentation provided by a county emergency management authority, FEMA or any other source considered appropriate such as an insurance adjuster or other written repair estimate. 
Level      Exemption %         Damage Assessment                    Damage Description
   I                      15%                    15% but < 30%                 Minimal; may be used as intended
  II                    30%                    30% but < 60%                   Nonstructural; water <18” above floor if
  III                    60%                    60% but < 100%                Significant structural damage; water 
                                                                                                     18”above floor
  IV                   100%                           100%                           Total loss; repair is not feasible
The dollar amount of the exemption is determined by multiplying the building (or business personal property) value by the exemption percentage as shown above then prorating for the number of days remaining in the tax year after the date the Governor declares the disaster.  The proration factor for Uri is 0.88 (322 days ÷ 365 days).  A $100,000 improvement with $20,000 in damage would receive a $13,200 exemption ($20,000 ÷ $100,000  = 20% (Damage Assessment Level I) thus $100,000 x 15%  = $15,000 x 0.88 = $13,200 (reducing the 2021 taxable value).
This exemption would be in addition to any other exemptions existing on the property and would expire January 1, 2022 (or the first year in which the property is reappraised).   After application is received and reviewed, the appraisal district must send written notice of the approval, modification, or denial to the property owner.  An application is posted above.
This exemption is the result of House Bill 492 (86th Legislative Session) and Texas Constitutional Amendment Proposition Three that was overwhelmingly approved by voters November 5, 2019.  Thank your State Representative and Senator.  Efforts to pass disaster legislation began right after Hurricane Ike in 2009. 


               Five Year Summary of Tax Rates
       All Galveston County Governments
The below file includes a five year history of all of the calculated and adopted rates for all Galveston County governments that have properly reported them.  This information is provided as required by Section 26.16 of the Texas Property Tax Code. 

            2021 CAD PROTEST PROCESS
NO INFORMAL CONFERENCES WITHOUT FILING FORMAL PROTEST FORM INCLUDED WITH NOTICE!  It is IMPERATIVE that you request "all information used to determine the 2021 value" as this legally prevents the CAD from bringing new sales, etc. into the discussion.  CAD must deliver the documents 14 days before the ARB hearing.  The informal will be before the ARB hearing and you MAY RESCHEDULE the ARB hearing until you have time to consider the information discussed in the informal.
If you e-file, unless you have additional documentation, that IS the informal!
Effectively Protest Your Property Value Classes & 35 Minute Video to Prepare for ARB Process
 See schedule below.  Booklet will not be revised for 2021 - instead changes will be addressed as a 2021 Update.  Prepare by downloading and reading the booklet.  The video assumes you have already read that and filed your formal protest.  The spreadsheet posted below is explained in the booklet.  These items provide all of the tools needed to effectively lower your property value. 
Effectively Protest Property Value Class                                               April 27, 2021
  Galveston County Commissioners Courtroom                                     6:00 pm
  722 Moody/21st Street, Galveston
Effectively Protest Property Value Class                                               May 13, 2021
  League City Council Chambers, 200 W Walker, LC                             6:00 pm
Last day to file protest at CADs                                                               May 17, 2021
 Effectively Protest Property Value Class                                                  June 1, 2021
  COM Learning Resources Center (LRC 131 - across from                    6:00 pm
  library), 1200 Amburn, Texas City​​