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 Frequently Asked Questions 



  • You will report to the Galveston County Justice Center at 600 59th Street in Galveston;
  • Once you have been processed at the security checkpoint you will come to the Jury Assembly Room on the first floor;
  • You will be checked into attendance, (using your summons, juror number or photo id), and seated;
  • The District Clerk’s staff and the qualifying judge will review information with you;
  • The qualifying judge will speak to individual jurors as needed;
  • Within an hour or so of your arrival you will know if you have been assigned to a court that day or released and placed “on-call”;
  • If you are released and placed “on call”, you will remain “on-call” for the entire week, receiving instructions regarding your service each evening;
  • If you wish to be excused from jury service for medical reasons, you may provide a note on your doctor’s letterhead, (and signed by your doctor), by fax at (409) 765-3202 or email at JuryGC@Co.Galveston.Tx.Us.​ 

Regarding eFile


How does e-filing work?
Electronic filing or e-filing enables filers and courts to efficiently process documents and fees online. manages the flow of information among filers, clerks, court personnel, and judges:
  • Filer Submits Documents
    After selecting a certified electronic filing service provider (EFSP), filers log on to their provider’s website to file case-related documents online to any participating court in Texas.
  • EFSP Delivers Documents to the Court
    EFSPs check submissions for completeness, calculate filing fees and court costs, and electronically deliver the submitted documents to participating courts.
  • Clerks Accept or Reject Submissions
    Court clerks receive the electronically filed documents and associated fees for processing and acceptance, review the documents, accept the filings or return them for correction, and provide an electronic timestamp notification to the filer for the accepted documents.
To get started, click here for a list of certified EFSPs:
What is an EFSP?
E-filing in Texas is facilitated by electronic filing service providers (EFSP), that is, web portals operated by independent companies that collect filings from filers and transmit them to
Click here for a listing of certified EFSPs:
Is e-filing mandatory for my court?
Unless a court chooses to adopt mandatory e-filing earlier by enacting local rules, e-filing will be mandatory in civil cases in the district courts, statutory county courts, constitutional county courts and statutory probate courts according to the following implementation schedule based upon the counties’ 2010 Federal Census population. Courts in counties with a population of:
a. 500,000 or more — January 1, 2014
b. 200,000 to 499,999 — July 1, 2014
c. 100,000 to 199,999 — January 1, 2015
d. 50,000 to 99,999 — July 1, 2015
e. 20,000 to 49,999 — January 1, 2016
f. 20,000 — July 1, 2016

Please visit the following page to learn about courts that currently require e-filing and now longer accept paper filings:
Am I required to e-file?
The Texas Supreme Court has mandated all attorneys to electronically file documents in a Galveston County Civil/Family/Provate cases through an electronic filing service provider certified by the Office of Court Administration. Pro Se litigants may still hand file their documents. More information about e-filling can be found on the Judicial Committee of Information Technology's website:
What if the filing code that I am looking for isn't an option?
Galveton County has adopted the standard filing codes. You can locate the standard codes here:
Why was my filing returned for correction (rejected)?
Below are a list of reasons why a filing would be returned for correction 

Insufficient Fees​ 

  •  Fees submitted are insufficient.

Insufficient Funds

  •  Credit Card was declined

Document Addressed to Wrong Clerk​ 

  •  The document is addressed to a court for which this clerk's office does not accept filings.

Incorrect/Incomplete Information​

  • Please resubmit using the correct: (1) cause number, (2) Case Type, (3) Case Category, (4) Filing Code, (5) Party Names on Document(s)

Incorrect Formatting​

  • Please resubmit the document (1) by rotating the documents so that the file mark will appear in the upper right hand corner, (2) In text searchable PDF, (3) Directly convered to PDF if possible, (4) With a 300 dpi resolution, (5) with a page size of  8.5" x11" and (6) with no embedded fonts.

PDF Documents Combined​ 

  •  Please file all lead documents as separate PDF documents.


  • Format of document is not legible
Sensitive Data​