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  600 59th Street, Suite 4204
     Galveston, Texas 77551-4198 
   Facsimile: (409) 765-2610


Please do not use this fax number to file documents. Pleadings and Motions should be filed through the District Clerk.

The 212th Court does not do hearings or conferences by phone. If you would like to request an oral hearing on any motion or pleading, please send a separate written request for oral hearing along with your filing through the District Clerk then the Court will schedule a hearing at the next available setting according to code(s).


Vulnerable Populations


Contact with the Court
"A Judge….shall not directly or indirectly initiate, permit, nor consider ex parte or other private communications concerning the merits of a pending or impending judicial proceeding. A Judge shall require compliance with this subsection by court personnel subject to his or her direction and control…"
Judicial Code of Conduct Cannon 3 Section A(5)
None of the information contained in or referred to by this website is intended to give legal advice or comment on pending or potentially pending litigation. This website was created as a public service. The County of Galveston Courts do not warrant the accuracy of the information contained herein nor are they responsible for any errors or omissions and assume no liability for it's use