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Mr. Kevin C. Walsh, CPA is currently a member of:
·         Tax Increment Investment Zone – 11, 12, 13 and 14 (since 2010);
·         Certified County Treasurer (since 2003);
·         Galveston County Bail Bonds Board; and
·         A Certified Public Accountant.
Kevin Walsh has served as the Galveston County Treasurer since 2003. A fifth-generation Galvestonian, he and his family have been influential in Galveston community since 1932.
In 1989, he obtained his Bachelor’s in Accounting from the University of Houston Clear Lake.  He became a Certified Public Accountant in 1995, has proudly served as the Galveston County Treasurer since 2003, and remains invested in the community.
As the Galveston County Treasurer, his responsibilities include:
·         Serving as the Chief Custodian of County Funds. The Treasurer’s Office acts as a bank for the County, and accounts for all general funds, as well as special funds such as those dedicated to a certain purpose, or those under the control of other elected officials.
·         Maintains records of all deposits and withdrawals, and reconciles all bank statements, thus assuring their accuracy and the safety of county funds.
·         Depositing funds/fees collected by other county offices in proper depositories.
·         Acting as the Payroll Coordinator of Galveston County. The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing payroll-related deductions, retirement disbursement, and the preparation of all payroll reports.
·         Disbursement of county funds as directed by the Commissioners Court in accordance with Local and State laws.
·         In the capacity as Contract Administrator for Bank Depository and Investment Officer of Galveston County, the Treasurer works with approved brokers and banking institutions to ensure the highest possible yield and safest investment returns.
·         As the Statutory Supervisor of Unclaimed Property, the County Treasurer maintains current listings of all unclaimed property, makes efforts to contact the presumed owner of the property, and escheats to the State as mandated by Local Government Code Section 117.002.
Above all, the Galveston County Treasurer is an officer who ensures that the county government uses taxpayer money effectively, efficiently, and transparently to promote the common good.